Hamster Haven Coming Soon...

At Hamster Haven we will make sure that all hamsters get the love that they deserve. They are more then just a hamster, they are small family members.


We will offer 1 hour a day minimum of exercise time in a hamster run and 20 minutes in a ball if they are used to it.


We will supply hamster food, mealworms, hamster goodies and fresh water.


You will need to bring your hamster in there own cage, as this is less stressful for them. If they are with us for a while then we are happy to do a full clean of their cage, but we do spot check daily aswell.

Hamster Haven is a new area that will be separate from Hug-a-Bunny Hotel, coming in 2021. We do currently take on Hamsters to stay at Hug-a-Bunny Hotel.