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What we do

On this page you can find out all about the different services that we provide. If you'd like to know about prices, click here.

At Hug-a-Bunny Hotel, your fur babies will enjoy a spacious and safe indoor suite. With comfy bedding, tasty fresh vegetables and lots of fuss, this means your rabbits and guinea pigs get just as an amazing holiday as you!


Our accommodation is inside 3 insulated and secure buildings.


Meadow View which is fully heated in the winter and kept cool in the summer.


Wonky Warren is non heated but does have a slight heater in to keep it above freezing. This is so outside pets do not loose their winter coats. 

Piggie Paradise which is also fully heated in the winter and kept cool in the summer.

Hamster Haven is inside Piggie Paradise.


Please check our terms & conditions page before booking with us by clicking here.

Christmas Holidays

We are now taking bookings for Christmas 2024!

Please book your little ones in early to avoid disappointment. All rabbits and guinea pigs will have use of there own run throughout the day as Karen is home nearly all day now. 

christmas bunny.png

To find out if we're available when you need us, just click on the 'check availability' button!

Feel free to have a look at our social media pages for more photos and videos of our guests last summer.

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We have hand built suites that are all housed within the various outbuildings, Wonky Warren, Meadow view and Piggie Paradise. These are insulated against cold and heat and fully predator proof providing safe and secure accommodation for your fur babies. Each suite has plenty of room for single or family occupancy. There is also a shelf in each suite so that the bunnies can relax and chill out using all of the space in their area. When it's playtime, we have outdoor secure runs on hard standing which are used during the day for exercise and play (if you prefer that your pet does not go outside, please state so on your booking form). We provide toys for your pet to keep them amused, however, if your little ones have a toy they that love, feel free to bring it along with them, at the end of the day it's their there holiday too! Dinner time and yes the most popular time here it seems. They all receive fresh hay, vegetables and Excel nuggets. However, we ask that you supply your rabbits or guinea pigs dry food if they are on something different as we do not want to upset there tummies.


Health and Hygiene

All of our suites are thoroughly disinfected between visits. Each suite is cleaned out every day or more if necessary for the duration of your little ones stay. One thing we ask is that your rabbits must have up to date vaccines against Myxomatosis, Vhd and RVHD2, proof of this will need to be shown (if you need information please see the vaccinations section on the terms & conditions page).  Your pet should also be in good health and free from any kind of mite, so treating them for this prior to boarding is advisable. We are fully insured, however this does not cover pre-existing conditions.

Rabbit Bonding

Unfortually we are not taking on any new bookings for Rabbit Bonding. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

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