Piggie Paradise Coming Soon...

We have eight spacious indoor hutches, all of which are 6ft long and 2ft wide and suitable for up to three guinea pigs. Each hutch has its own spacious hidey end that is full of fresh hay and lined with paper bedding which is changed daily.


The hutches are not in direct sunlight, and we provide plenty of ventilation to ensure your guinea pigs have a comfortable stay. We have air conditioning in the summer months and heating in the winter months. We also use ice pods and snuggle safes if needed.


A radio with music is played during the day to help your guinea pigs relax, and so that they are always hearing a human voice.


We supply burgess Excel nuggets, fresh veggies, dried forage and hay daily. Fresh water is provided once a day unless more is needed.


All piggies have use of their very own 7ft run on the grass in the warm dry weather. In these runs they will have toys, hides and shade. No Guinea pigs are left outside unattended.

Piggie Paradise is a new area that will be separate from Hug-a-Bunny Hotel, coming in 2021. We do currently take on Guinea Pigs to stay in the hutches mentioned as part of Hug-a-Bunny Hotel.